Big Shaq Follows Up The Viral ‘Man’s Not Hot’ With New Single, ‘Man Don’t Dance’

DOWNLOAD MP3: Big Shaq – ‘Man Don’t Dance’

Last year, comedian Michael Dapaah launched his music career under the moniker Big Shaq, and gave us the viral “Man’s Not Hot”. Unless you live under a rock, you definitely heard “Man’s Not Hot” and chorused the infectious hook that goes “Skrrrahh (ah)/Pap, pap, ka-ka-ka (ka)”

He has now followed up this viral sensation with a new track, “Man Don’t Dance”, playing to the same kind of stereotype in British culture that “Man’s Not Hot” did. Big Shaq raps “babes, I’m a big man, I got big plans, they call me Big Shaq and I made ‘Man’s Not Hot’ I know you like that” followed by another gibberish hook that will surely catch on.

On the track, Big Shaq is displaying toxic masculinity by declaring that he doesn’t dance while he’s out with a girl. He says “We can vibe, but man don’t dance” and if we’re being honest, it seems less like of a spoof than “Mans Not Hot”.

Perhaps this is Michael Dapaah’s way of announcing his entrance into the grime scene, and maybe we should be expecting more music from him. We’re not mad at that at all, and we’ll definitely be jamming to anything else he puts out.

You can listen to “Man Don’t Dance” right here:


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